Brandon Stammen



   I’m a freelance design director who specializes in creating thoughtful ideas through brand identity, art direction, & digital experiences.

I pursue holistic approaches to result in successful solutions. My creativity is often inspired by ecologies,
metaphors, & sustainability.

Outside of design my interests include botany, olfaction, & oneness. 

Previous work experiences have been through studios like Code & Theory, Wednesday Agency, RoAndCo, Odgis + Co, Sweden Unlimited, Aruliden, and Big Human, to name a few. Previous clients include adidas, Louis Vuitton, Fenty Beauty, Terraton, McCourt, CNN, Birkenstock 1774, Moncler Genius, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Waldorf Astoria, and more. Currently, I freelance with kind studios and like-minded brands. If you’d like to collaborate, message me at 

You can also find me at:
One Seasone | | Instagram | LinkedIn